Double Suction Cup Molar Cleaner with Food Dispensing


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  • Double Suction Cup Dog Toys – Different from other similar products, our product with strong suction function, which can firmly stick suction cup to any flat surface,like tile,glass,windows,tubs,coated wood,plastic,bathtub,bathroom wall,etc. The strong and powerful suction cup can prevent the doggy from pulling it easily, it can increase the puppies intelligence in the process of playing it.

  • Multifunctional Interactive Dog Treating Toys – Not only an interactive dog chew toys built-in a bell, which can easily attract your dog’s attention, but also a puzzle dog toys, which you can fill some snacks in the chew balls to increase interactive fun.With sawtooth antiskid surface design, which fits the tooth shape of the dog, when doggies eat and bite the balls, the serration inside can effective clean the food residue of the teeth and keep it clean and fresh.

  • Safe & Durable Material Food Dispensing Dog Balls – The Pet Molar Bite Rope Ball is made of high quality and soft silicone, the sturdy rope is made of high-density, durable and wear-resistant bulletproof fabric materials. Perfect for the dogs under 60 pounds biting, chewing and playing. Your dogs also can get food from the leakage holes to control the dog eating speed.The treat dispensing toy for dogs can force her to slow down

  • Reduce and Improve the Destructive Behaviors – When our doggies stay at home alone, they will feel lonely and boredom, even will destroy pillows, sofa, furniture to release their excess energy, our dog teething toys can effectively help you incorrect their bad behaviors caused by long-term boredom.It’s the best toys for your dogs to kill the boring time,relieve their anxiety and stress, to make dogs’ life more fulfilling.

  • A Must Have Gifts for our Dogs – We may have more than one pet in our life, but our dog’s life have only us. It’s not only a suction cup dog toy, interactive puzzle dog toys, but also a dog rope tug and pull of war toys, you can play with your dog in indoor, garden. Get triple surprise in once cost. what’s more, it can enhances the dog’s enthusiasm, and makes your relationship with the dog closer, improve the pet’s intelligence and let its emotions be released.


Name: Multifunction Pet Molar Bite Toy

Style: round ball, football

Material: TPR Suction Cup Stick

Innovative Function:

360° molar cleaning teeth.

Slow Food Skipping toy: You can add snacks to the ball to attract dogs.

Powerful Suction Cup: It can be glued to any smooth and flat place, freeing hands.

The ball has a built-in sound system that shakes and sounds but does not pierce.

Indoor and outdoor toys.

Packing List:

1*Pet Molar Bite Toy

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Chew Toys

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Drop Shipping

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dog for

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it pop

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ties pets

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cat accessories scool

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cat for toy

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cat scraper

Feature 8

pet accessories anti

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pet toy

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kites dogs


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