About Econo Dog


We know you love your doggy and want the best in styles in fashion. 


We only offer products that are good for mother earth. 


We only offer products developed from all natural materials. 

Thank you very much for visiting our website.  We are a small boutique online pet store focusing our little fur babies we call dogs, but we all know they are much more than that.  The unconditional love and joy they can bring to a family is immeasurable.

Econo Dog started out for the love we have for dogs but it also started out circumstantial events that one can face in life. An unplan unemployment can be extremely stressful.  However, my daughter Grace told me we should pursue something as a family that we enjoy doing.  With answered prayers and faith, we started Econo Dog.  We hope that you find our prices competitive and enjoy shopping for your furry member of the family.

Many people, including our family, experience sadness, disappointment and anxiety. However, we have learned as a family that your faith and the unconditional love of a dog can bring you great comfort and laughter. We feed, walk, play, travel and even dress up our dogs because they’re part of the family.

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