Expert Tips for Maintaining and Sharpening Your Dog Grooming Scissors


Dog grooming scissors are an essential tool for keeping your pet looking their best. In order to ensure that your scissors stay sharp and in good condition, it is important to properly maintain and sharpen them. Here are some expert tips to help you keep your grooming scissors in top shape.

1. Clean and Dry Your Scissors Regularly

It is important to clean your grooming scissors regularly to remove any dirt, hair, or other debris that can build up on the blades. Use a soft cloth or brush to carefully wipe down the blades after each use. Make sure to dry the scissors thoroughly before storing them to prevent rust and corrosion.

2. Oil Your Scissors Weekly

Keeping your grooming scissors well-oiled is essential for maintaining their sharpness and preventing them from becoming dull. Use a high-quality scissor oil to lubricate the blades at least once a week. Simply apply a few drops of oil to the pivot point and along the blades, then open and close the scissors several times to distribute the oil evenly.

3. Store Your Scissors Properly

When not in use, store your grooming scissors in a protective case or sheath to protect the blades from damage. Make sure to keep them in a dry, cool place away from moisture and direct sunlight. Avoid storing your scissors with other tools or objects that could potentially damage the blades.

4. Sharpen Your Scissors Regularly

Even with proper maintenance, grooming scissors will eventually become dull with regular use. It is important to sharpen your scissors regularly to maintain their cutting performance. You can either take your scissors to a professional sharpener or sharpen them yourself using a sharpening stone or sharpening tool designed for scissors.

5. Check for Loose Screws

Periodically check the screws on your grooming scissors to ensure they are tight and secure. Loose screws can cause the blades to become misaligned and affect the cutting performance of the scissors. Use a screwdriver to tighten any loose screws as needed, but be careful not to over-tighten them.

6. Avoid Using Your Scissors on Hard Surfaces

Avoid using your grooming scissors on hard surfaces such as metal or ceramic, as this can cause the blades to become dull and damaged. Always use your scissors on a soft, flat surface such as a grooming table or cutting mat to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the blades.

7. Replace Your Scissors When Necessary

Despite your best efforts to maintain and sharpen your grooming scissors, there will come a point when they need to be replaced. If your scissors no longer cut smoothly and effectively, or if the blades are damaged beyond repair, it is time to invest in a new pair of grooming scissors.


Proper maintenance and sharpening are essential for keeping your dog grooming scissors in top condition. By following these expert tips, you can ensure that your scissors stay sharp and efficient for a long time. Remember to clean, oil, and store your scissors properly, and sharpen them regularly to maintain their cutting performance. With proper care, your grooming scissors will continue to help you keep your pet looking their best.


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